App Looping to Connect with WiFi


When trying to connect fieldkit with WiFi utilizing the app, it keeps looping and never setting it up.

Is there anyone else facing this issue?


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Thanks for posting this. It’s hard to say exactly what the issue is without knowing a bit more (what phone you have, etc.)

Can you open a support ticket for this?

You can do this by clicking on the question mark icon on the main page.

Let me know if you need help!


(You can also always e-mail!!)

Question, Jer. Is support ticket best way to start seeking help? Or is email? Whatever works best for your team and the process is what I’m happy to do.


A support ticket is the most direct way - but they’re pretty much the same (the e-mail will automatically become a ticket!)

Thanks, @Jer! I’ll keep using support tickets to work with the system you’ve created. It’s working great so far.