Data export from the portal


My FK50 weather sensor is working well and I am able to upload data through the mobile app to the portal and view the plots online.

I used the ‘export’ button above the plot window in the portal. In the CSV option it gives me a file with lines like this:
1620183001000,0,78,station name,,

How do I get the weather sensor data for offline analysis?

cc: @Sara @lindsaystarke

Hi Shashi!

It looks like we’re having a little trouble with the data export from the portal.

If you’d like to export your data in a CSV while we get this fixed, you can do it directly from your station if you have a MicroSD card inserted in the station!

  1. On your station, open the menu, then go to Tools > Export CSV
  2. Your station will run a progress bar as it loads all your data on the MicroSD card
  3. Once it’s finished, open the MicroSD’s drive and you’ll see a file named after the date and time you downloaded the data. In it, you’ll see one or more CSV’s that will have your readings and station data! The time in column A is seconds since the UNIX epoch.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the portal export!


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