Got FieldKit Photos?

It might be cool to see where our FieldKits go over the course of their data collection lifespans. Post a picture of your FieldKit…in the field!

Here’s my first photo of our Weather Kit. I can’t wait to switch it on and learn its name!

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Great idea @jbentley!

Here is my FieldKit Weather on the top of my house.


This is a great way to mount a Weather Kit! Love the idea @shah! Do you have solar panel hooked up, too? Is station using WiFi?

First test deployment on my balcony - Aarhus, Denmark


That is a NICE view! And a great looking FieldKit @jtkerb! :+1:t4:

Beta deployment in my backyard this morning. Using a Matthews C-stand to hold everything in place. I realize that mounting and strapping will be another bit of thinking and kit to sort out before deploying for real in the field.

Nice, @shah! You’ve got your own weather station all the time. Do you find reflective heat off roof top affecting temperature readings?

Using a Matthews C-stand in my backyard and 120 lbs. of umbrella stand weights to anchor it down for tonight’s storm passing through. I’m thinking I’d like to bend some rebar into U-shapes to hammer down over the legs of a C-stand in soil? Almost like a giant jute netting staple. That or possible rig cording and stakes to secure it and make it portable in the field.

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Beautiful! Looks like a happy station!

I put it up there for some testing. I think the final plan is to mount it on a higher mast to avoid that.


@shah makes sense. It’s pretty cool to have your own weather station on your rooftop.

Incomparable Gecko 67 has moved from my backyard and garage to school. It’s awaiting students who will return to class on March 23 after more than 1-year out of the classroom.

We’re a school of 835 students and will have approximately 100 students on campus each day with the remainder still engaged in distance learning from home. That means deploying our station on campus and leaving it unsupervised will not be a problem, since students are no longer roaming around campus in large numbers and all movements are highly supervised by campus supervisors.

A data collection project will be a great way to take minds off the fact that schooling in a pandemic has become a surreal experience.

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