What do you want to do with FieldKit?

Hello everyone!

Since we launched our shop, we’ve had many new people show interest in using FieldKit, building on the technology, or in growing our global community. Whether you are new, one of our product testers, or an early adopter, we would love to know:

What do you want to do with FieldKit?

I personally am really excited to use the water modules to learn more about the water in the creek running through my backyard here in northern Virginia.

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I am really excited about getting the FieldKit Water into my students’ hands and seeing what they want to research. I am fortunate to work with undergraduate students at Aurora University (https://aurora.edu/) and grades 3-8 students who attend the STEM school on our campus (https://stem.aurora.edu/). Some options they might consider are:

  • The Fox River that flows through Aurora, IL (about 10 minutes from campus)
  • Lake Michigan (about 60 minutes from campus)
  • Sending the FieldKit Water on a cross-country Flat Stanley style journey to several biological field stations (https://www.obfs.org/)

I’m excited to get FieldKit deployed in our suburban community so students can collect weather data to measure heat island effect. I’m also developing a project around homelessness in our community and would like to use FieldKit to capture weather data in areas frequently populated by homeless population.


I love the FieldKit Flat Stanley concept! As an educator who has seen many variations on that type of project, I have NEVER seen one involving a traveling water quality kit. Very cool idea! What do you teach at Aurora University? Are you working with preservice teachers?


Thanks! The idea came to me because our winters are so cold that it is challenging for us to get out in the field to collect data for several months of year. Not wanting to see the FieldKit sit in the lab while the lakes and rivers are frozen over, I thought my students might enjoy sending it on a road trip. I teach courses in the Parks and Recreation Leadership program - outdoor education, conservation technology, and outdoor skills (camping, kayaking and rock climbing. I would love to work with preservice teachers at some point, especially in areas like science methods!


@chris.wells you might consider reaching out to Grosvenor Teacher Fellows, educators who are National Geographic Grantees, and Education Fellows who are members of the Further Community. We have about 216 people in a private Facebook group and are adding them to an ArcGIS StoryMap you can see at https://arcg.is/n9CfW Please don’t share the StoryMap outside this forum as the Survey123 is active and accepting submissions. The group is for educators who are affiliated with National Geographic through the programs mentioned. Hope this might help you find folks who would like to collaborate given they have a track record of data collection and science and exploration.

Which makes me think that @Jer and @lindsaystarke might want to reach out to some of the educators on featured in the StoryMap for future FieldKit collaborations.

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