FieldKit Curriculum Development and Sharing

Hi everyone - As an educator, I am interested in developing FieldKit curriculum that engages students in learning about using FieldKit as a tool for better understanding their environment. And in the open source spirit of FieldKit, I would like to see all of us educators share our lesson ideas and plans here in the FieldKit Community.

This summer I will be teaching an undergraduate course called Conservation Technology: This 3-week course introduces students to the wide range of technologies used to monitor the natural environment, and the ways in which data collected about the natural environment can be analyzed and shared for use in the conservation decision making process. During the course students will build, test and deploy an autonomous remote environmental sensing system, and use geographic information system (GIS) software to present/share data collected by their sensing system. Key concepts that will be emphasized in the course include data analysis, design thinking, and project management.

I am really excited about getting a FieldKit Water soon and using it as a key part of the course! I will also be using the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Arduino (SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino Uno - v4.1 - KIT-15631 - SparkFun Electronics) and the ArcGIS mapping tool.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions!


Chris … This is an incredible idea!!! I have pitched a similar idea where students would be designing open source technologies around collecting data. The students I work with are middle/HS students and their teachers … so a very different demographic, but much aligned. THANKS for sharing your ideas!!!

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Hey, @jabot! It’s great to see you here! How did I not know you were part of this community sooner! Greetings from California. What are you working on? Which kit are you hoping to use with your work? So many questions. Cheers!


It’s great to hear from you!!

I’m hoping to build the FieldKit into the work we are doing with students around using Python and Arduino to build instruments to collect data. So the FieldKit would be the example and standard for the kids to compare to.

Fieldkit is just awesome!!!

Hope you are doing ok and THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you share … you are the shining example for my future teachers!!!


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Thanks, Friend. You are very kind! :slight_smile: