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This is where we list events happening within the FieldKit community.

FieldKit Open House for Teachers


A demo, Q&A, and casual chat with teachers about FieldKit

Are you a teacher interested in using FieldKit? We want to know how we can help you! Join our open house for teachers to get a demo of the tool, provide feedback to the FieldKit team, ask questions, and connect with other teachers around open environmental sensing.


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The open house was a wonderful event. Thanks for hosting it!

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I’m so glad that you enjoyed it @chris.wells ! I’m looking forward to getting a couple more on the calendar and posting them in here.

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That sounds great, @lindsaystarke. Once the dates are posted, I will be sure to share them with the teachers at the STEM school on our campus (Overview).

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Here’s our next Open House, which is for everyone! Lots of folks seem curious about the platform in general so we’re opening the doors wide.

Open House for Field Scientists!


We are switching things up a bit for Earth Day and are looking to host a community-led, multi-conversational event. The platform allows for spontaneous themed breakout areas to talk about whatever you’re interested in. Click here to get the info and add it to your calendar: FieldKit Earth Day Social